And so I got a Tinder account…

Tinder – that app that’s all the rage nowadays with young people. Swipe left, swipe right, the choice is up to you. I personally saw it as a cheat card in the dating world..but my oh it changed my life. I wrote this on May 18th, several weeks back now, and I now feel like I can share it with you all…

Isn’t it crazy how meeting another person can change your life instantly? In reality, nothing really changes; you stick to your same routine of disgruntled wake-up’s, being forced to go for a jog, revision, lunch etc…accept you add in a facebook message to them here, or a random thought there – and it feels like your whole world is changing. You sit there with your morning coffee, listening to your housemates bicker about who’s turn it is to take the bins out, and then suddenly you’re thinking of him. Then you smile like a girl with a teenage crush and go about your day as normal. When he sends you a message you grin and almost tear your phone to pieces so you can see his kind words faster. When you decide it’s time to go to sleep is the worst. A tidal wave of longing rushes over you. With your head on your pillow you contemplate your future with him, if you have a future with him, and hope with everything inside of you that he isn’t Mr. Liar, Mr. Cheater, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Coward or Mr. One-Night-Stand. You pine for him, despite only having spent a handful of hours in his company, the memory of the red wine you drank that night at the front of your mind. Yet, you’ve already clicked together. You are the first two pieces of a thousand-piece jigsaw, eager to find the other missing pieces. Trying to estimate the speed of the process scares you, making you convince yourself that you should just jump off the ride in fear of the impending doom to come; the argument, the inability to reconcile, the throwing around of accusations and insults, the slamming of the door, the parting of a major part of your life. But, occasionally, you’ll find someone who you look at and you just think ‘this is worth a shot’. His eyes are too kind to lie to you, his words soft and unable to cut in deep, his overall nature so new and unique. Three weeks ago I didn’t know this man. But now..he’s all I can think about. It’s time to risk it all in the hope of getting it all. That’s life. Here’s to a future of happiness and no regrets.


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